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RAPHAEL ADEKUNLE ADELEKE popularly known as AYAN K.K hails from the beautiful city of Ogbomoso, Oyo state, Nigeria. He’s unarguably one of such musical gifts that’s only gifted once in a life time.
Many individuals grow up to learn an art or a skill that they eventually become professionals in but for Raphael, the art of drumming came naturally to him where he didn’t have to sit under a mentor or teacher to learn the art. By God’s providence, all he knows about drumming is a natural endowment or what we prefer to refer to as a “God-given gift”. While growing up, he started with a local drum called Akuba then followed suit with other types of drums. He can actually play ten different African drums but “Talking Drum (Apala)” is his favourite.

His passion and love for drumming is what has given birth to the “Dynamic Drummers” , which started three years ago (2017) with their first ministration in Living Faith Church, Kasuwa Katako, Gombe State. His desire is to create a platform where indidviduals can access the Lord’s Throne through a different means other than the usual, for people to understand that “the art of drumming” goes a long way than just being a musical instrument but also “An Access Way to Kingdom Secrets”. Through this platform, he has been able to encourage others to learn the skill and impart as many lives as possible

Arugbo Ojo

By God’s Grace, through this platform, Dynamic Drummers have been able to organize so far three amazing concerts tagged “ARUGBO OJO”, in the year 2018, 2019 & 2020 respectively. By God’s leading Dynamic Drummers have accessed a lot of platforms to minister to lives both within and outside

You can connect with Him on the Social Handles

Raphael Adeleke
WhatsApp: 08182374575
Instagram: adelekeraphael

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