B.O.C Madaki & Lyrical Dr Smith Shares A Story on the Show he attended After Performance

Boc madaki One of the Top Rated Arewa Hip Hop Artist Alongside Lyrical Dr Smith Scc Finest Act Today Boc Used His Social Media Account Shares A Story On How The Show Organizer Stops Them From Going Back Home After A Show Performance

He Said

“So I Remember The Night Me & Lyrical Dr Smith headlined an event somewhere up north 3 Years ago Thereabout after our normal 20 20 mins performance, the main host of the event arrived at the venue just about when we were leaving Omo The Man No Gree Oo, he said he’s from sunny Ade Era,and during their time, sunny ade Used to perform all night long, so it’s either we peacefully Go Back in there and perform again. Or we know the rest ( Hoodlums Take Style Position, Base On Oga’s Instruction). Baba Idanu Sun Raina Fata”

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We Had To Back And Perform Again For Atleast 20 Mins Each (Besides, He Paid Well , So He Deserves It).

Ever Since Then I Have Learnt To Do Everything a lil Extra for good (Extra Rehearsals, extra clothes incase TV Interviews or Extra function Pop Up etc)

Extraordinary People Do More Than Ordinary Things

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