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Face of the Week

Once in every week on Sundays, a Male or female profile is featured on our site as an initiative by the Gombyt management for the sole purpose of shinning a light on well deserved underground brands and individuals.
It is a perfect stage for all models, social media influencers, creative brands and businesses.

To enroll in the ‘Face of the week‘ limelight, you should abide by the following requirements:
– Follow Gombyt on all social platforms (FB@, IG@, Twitter@) and subscribe to our newsletter to receive notifications of entry status
– Submit at least 5 different clear Picture of yourself (as document) on whats app –
– Send a brief biography of yourself which should contain your full name, social media handles, interests, career or current study line and the message you wish to share with the world.
– A brief summary (not more than 5 sentences) of how being Gombyt’s ‘Face of the week’ will be of help to you.

All entries will be reviewed and the most equipped and detailed profile will be published on ‘Crush of the Week‘  The Winner Between the Male and Female will be  featured in the whole of the preceding week throughout all our platforms.

Note: Not being selected is never an indication of inadequacy. It just means that we had many entries for the week in progress. There is always room to try again!

For inquiries kindly reach us via : Gombyt         or Join our WhatsApp Group 

Signed: Gombyt Official,

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