Deezell Clarified that he have two types of fans

Arewa renowned music star, Deezell Declared his new position and ideology about fans and haters. This was found through his recent tweet.

He said “W you believe me in nace muku bani da haters ? I hv two types of fans!… some support me in a negative way and some in a positive way!! I love you guys!! #PositiveVibes only from now on.”

From his tweet he declared that he don’t have any haters but all are his fans. But he made a categorization, as in his words, one part of his fans support him positively (for sure he means Real fans), and other part support him negatively (For sure he means fake fans in other word Haters). But he said He love them all. One last part of the tweet he hash tagged PositiveVibes and proceeded only from now on. For sure we will understand what he meant for that.

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