Jephthah Joshua Ahmed better known by his stage name Jeph Jhay is a Nigerian contemporary RnB singer, song writer and rapper from Gombe state. Born 21th of January in Bauchi state, the second child out of four.
He was signed into Cloud Entertainment by Peerless in the year 2016 and initially gained a notable recognition after tha release of his single Food For My Stomach featuring Jhay Arr and Pages.
After his deal with Cloud Entertainment was over he start up his own record label, C4Ent. and early 2018, he Was known to be the CEO of C4Ent.
He dropped his First project Love Note this year (2019) which was said to cover part of his past Love life and of those around him.

Before the release of the massive project he said as ah quote
“Ah know of tha fact tha most people just wanna be entertained Thas why yu’all have your favorite artist but also there are people tha wanna be heard and Thas where ah come in. Am reporting from tha heart, saying tha true facts and keeping it real. Thas Wha love note is all about. Ah write bout life, ah write bout things am actually dealing with, Something tha am actually experiencing. When ah feel something ah write down something, thas tha whole Jeph’s muzik. This is real to me, ah need this if you don’t. This is a Love Note for me… ”
Jeph is really keeping it real now…

Below is the link to download his Album Mixtape

Love Note

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