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[Lyrics] Jeph Jay – S.A.P

They tell us nothing but a bunch of lies
Tha we should vote ’em if we want a change
And when we vote ’em yeah dey surly change
They kill tha angel, raise tha beast in ’em (2x)
*Everybody sure gonna die
*Forget tha life you live with suit and tie
*politics is nothing but a lie
*they do their best to see you put them in tha sky
*then they seized tha rain and leave/leaf you don to dry
*cut you off tha tree so you can fall and die
*ah don’t trust tha words of this guys
*cause when ah look at them ah see tha devil in Disguise/these guys
*so don’t tell me who ah need to vote or not
*ah don’t even have tha voters card to screw tha north/nut
*you said ah need to vote if ah want a change
*what bout those tha vote and couldn’t see tha change
*what do you tell them all to go and do? Go to church, mosque kneel down pray for change?

  • ah see is history repeating itself again
    *people get to politics for their own gain
    *claiming to be tha change and when dey all fail dey start to point out fingers round and round again
  • living a luxury life forgetting those tha put them there
    *and we living in tha lies dey force us all to hear
    *and when tha truth is told dey cut us off tha air
    *so we can suffocate in their lies and silent death is all we hear
    *they say tha good die young thas why they old and still alive
    *they do nothing good to us but steal our lives
    *tha youth are dieing cause of tha old once all in tha name of politics
    *fulani heads men and Boko Haram are all killing for politics
    *tha we tha leaders of tomorrow, but we all barely see tomorrow
    *cause it’s tha same set of people tha lead us every year, every day into morrow
    *they lead us to natural disaster because naturally they’re disasters
    *and iffa go to jail for this shit ah wrote, lemme be tha man you see in mandela’s quote/Coat
    They tell us nothing but a bunch of lies
    Tha we should vote ’em if we want a change
    And when we vote ’em yeah dey surly change
    They kill tha angel, raise tha beast in ’em (2x)
    Everybody sure gonna die
    Forget tha life you live with suit and tie
    Politics is nothing but a lie (2x)

*Arise oo come patrote ah call out for everyone
*It’s time we take a stand, take a fight and fight out for our father’s land
*let tha labour of our past heroes never be in vain cause of tha leaders we having now
*they of no good to us, dey only killing us, take a look how we living now
*tha poor are living from hand to mouth
*while tha rich have billions in account
*politician’s bury money beneath tha ground and when tha whistle is blown it’s doesn’t go round
*they share it within their selves it doesn’t go round
*Aye, they spend a billion on election, while we just a million in population
*where is our money tha tha citizens keep dieing of hunger and stazation
*and when tha youth tried to fight for their rights dey be put down in detention
*Boom blast ever where tha our parents died of tha tension
*With all due respect ah hate politics Mehnnn thas just how ah feel
*Its just a bunch of lies dey force us all to believe and thas wha gat us killed
*Our leaders turn to foreigners in their own country, they don’t care how we feel
*they just Vargabuns in power, as fela quote ’em.

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