Joe Shigma – Crisis

Joe Shigma drops a conscious rap song which mirrors the challenges faced by creatives in Nigeria.

Yet again he picks on controversial topics and does justice on this 2 minute well constructed and delivered track using his catchy flows, baritone voice and sizzling punchlines. He titles this one; Crisis.

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Yeyi…yeah (2x)


Crisis, crisis (My nation is)

Crisis everywhere

Crisis, crisis (My country there is)

Crisis everywhere


I saw the video, rest in peace Ropvil

As this instrumental play I wonder how his family feel

Watching YouTube videos of people slaughtered make me ill

They press the knife against their neck I watch em squeal, blood spill

Oh God… how did we came to this?

Coffins, orphans our loved ones we will miss

Wailings, mass burials, sirens in the silence

Islam Christianity none of this belief teach us violence

So how come you take a life and then you back it with religion?

How did you became this beast? Tell me what influence your decision?

Soldiers, police outnumbered masses need some guns in rotation

Am doubting the government can protect us what is wrong with this nation?


(Verse Two)

All I can hear in the place of worship is peace my people please

This people want us dead buy and load up your pistle please

If is certain that I will die, I will take some of them with me at least

They don’t give a damn about us I think the government is smoking weed

If not then how come we die like flies with no one to intercede

Rest in peace to ocean someone’s is lying breathless

These streets are no longer safe, my people are just helpless

They using us for politics media is feeding us with lies  

I swear some of this politicians are just devils in disguise

Through my song I will tell you the truth even if they will take my life

Like Sarowiwa; hang me or bleed me with a knife

Let it be that my people are free even if it cost my life

I shed tears in the north herdsmen attack us with army guns

Multiple shots at the innocent hustling to cluster funds

My cousin complaining last week we need protection from police

No evidence of our crime they harass us while we sitting down in peace

One day I hope to wake up to a new Naija where people live

In peace and harmony, we will achieve it I believe

Come listen to my truest thoughts I made them while in grief

I feel one day the people will rise against the system in a brief



There was a time in Nigeria when insecurity was mostly synonymous to terrorism,

Largely as a result of insurgency in the north east region of the country and the question is;

What is being done to stop this menace? Not just in the states but in other part of the country.

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