Popular artistes Sarki Nadi, Born Incredible Steven (B.I), Mpire, Prince Klater, Ugly Boi, Ibile Origin, Jay Jay, Mai Tattabra, BOG DEE, Siva D and Kammil are set to perform this Today, 1st December, 2019 at the 3th edition of The Jewel Jersey carnival Set to take place at Gombe Township Stadium By 4:pm

With Over 10 varieties selected by the Central Organizers featuring Pageantry, Awards, cooking competition and lot more this year, the event acknowledges their inspiring work and initiatives that have made impact through social enterprise and creativity toward the entertainment of the state. It celebrates a new class of innovators, philanthropists, activists, technocrats and creators promoting the shared mission of changing the African narrative.

Some of the inspiring nominees at this year’s of Mr. Carnival contestant are Chongfi Ajmasu (history maker) Simon Haruna (Alafin) and caleb Abubakar , and Miss Carnival Contestant Keziah kenan David, Asabe Gambo,Salome Bilatus Tesa, hannautu Hadison haruna and haiwa Musa and many more.

The Future Awards Africa 2019‎ is presented by San Husein Super market, A.A Aliyu Gombe Suit World, His & Hers Boutique, Hanny Applique,City impression and Others.

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